Travel Liability Insurances for Foreigners

On vacations it can quickly happen that other persons are unintentionally being hurt or that other damages are inflicted. Just like private liability insurances, travel liability insurances protect the insurance holder against financial liabilities that may occur as result of the just mentioned caused damage to a third party.

On vacations, it can be very expensive if precious objects are damaged, for example something in your hotel room or apartment. Nowadays a large number of insurers offer special Travel Liability Insurances. These insurances differ greatly in service as well as price and should therefore be compared extensively.

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Benefits of Travel Liability Insurances

  • Worldwide Insurance Coverage
  • Lump-sum insurance payments for personal and material damage
  • Financial losses after personal and material damages
  • Damage to rented hotel rooms or apartments
  • Personal injuries caused when exercising sports

Travel Liability Insurance

Travel Liability Insurances are very important in these cases:

  • No domestic liability insurance is existing
  • The domestic liability insurance is not valid in Germany
  • The sum insured is too low
  • Certain activities such as skiing, snowboarding or others sports are excluded from coverage
  • Family vacations with children
  • For a longer stay in Germany (study, au pair etc.)
  • Hiring a car in Germany

Important Questions:

The Travel Liability Insurance is an important element for protecting travellers of a financial ruin. If you look at skiing holidays, clashes on the slopes are unfortunately no longer a rarity. Many skier suffer from serious injuries and need hospitalisation after clashes. In the worst case they might suffer from chronical diseases or disability afterwards. Without sufficient protection through a Travel Liability Insurance you are accountable for costs occurring after an accident you caused. If you are by no doubt responsible for an accident in which somebody else was seriously hurt, this could mean your financial ruin.The costs for medical care or even for disability benefits  for others have to be paid by yourself. The costs can go up to millions of Euros. But of course, such a dramatic development is preventable.

Your Travel Liability Insurance will cover the costs for damages that you caused (by mistake) to the property of others. Here’s another example: You have spilled a glass of red wine on an expensive carpet in an elegant hotel, you might be exposed to very high costs if you do not have an insurance. With a Travel Liability Insurance in your pocket, you can spend your journey abroad without worries about such issues.

Taking out a Travel Liability Insurance is most valuable for persons who do not have a private personal liability insurance already, because sometimes short trips abroad are also covered in domestic liability insurances. But a lot of domestic insurances exclude risky trips like skiing or snowboarding holidays. Whoever is planning an active holiday, should check exactly to what extent it is protected through his or her domestic liability insurance.

Moreover, there are coverage restrictions for older insurance contracts. They might be restricted to Germany or the European Union only. In addition, a closer look at the sum insured should be undertaken. Older policies do often have insurance sums that are today considered as too low. This might result in the financial ruin after personal or material damages happen abroad. The Travel Liability Insurance is also very useful when travelling with children. Especially when the small vacationers are full of energy, damages to the hotel interior are often inevitable. In these cases, the Travel Liability Insurance for a carefree holiday really pays off.

An insurance is also very important for people that are planning to stay in Germany for a longer period. If you plan on working in Germany, your domestic liability insurance will probably not be valid. If a vehicle is hired abroad, the Travel Liability Insurance will help to fill out gaps in your domestic insurance. In some countries like the USA, coverage levels are significantly lower than in Germany.

Before taking out a Travel Liability Insurance one should gather information and service lists of different insurance company, since the insurances on the market differ greatly. The journey itself should also be looked at, since the decision on further insurance components may depend on the travel details and circumstances.

If you already have a domestic insurance you can find out whether it is sufficient for the planned trip to Germany or whether it makes sense to increase coverage by getting a travel liability insurance. However, it is important to specify the period of travel in Germany, because you will be in Germany for more than one year, your domestic insurance will not be valid anymore. In any case, it is important to gather information which insurances are needed for your trip, and which insurances are not.

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Travel Liability Insurances in a nutshell

  • If domestic liability insurances are available and valid in Germany, they are worth having a look at
  • Coverage for personal, material and sometimes financial damages
  • A good and suitable protection against high cost exposure and financial risks
  • At everyone can find the right insurance coverage for their stay in Germany

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