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Nobody wants to become ill on vacations, but if you should get health problems it is very important to have a travel health insurance. Treatment and hospitalisation costs in Germany can be very high and are not covered by most public insurance companies from around the world. Therefore, a comprehensive travel health insurance for trips to Germany is indispensable.

This insurance is mostly referred to as travel health insurance or travellers’ health insurance. It covers the costs for outpatient and inpatient treatments in other countries. It does also cover repatriation costs to the home country if it is medically necessary and prescribed by doctors. The travel health insurance must also be proven in an application for a Schengen visa.

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Benefits of Travel Health Insurances

  • In case of illness: Organisation of immediate help
  • Cost coverage for medical treatments
  • If prescribes by doctors, the repatriation to the home country
  • Pain-relieving dental treatments
  • First aid in emergency situations, twenty-four-seven

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Health Insurance for Foreign Citizens

On 1st April 2007, Germany introduced legislation for a compulsory health insurance. This means that everyone in Germany must have a health insurance, foreigners and domestics alike. Citizens with a passport from Schengen States are automatically insured with their European Health Insurance Card. Those arriving from non-Schengen countries must take out a private travel health insurance in their home countries before applying for visas and travelling to Germany. The German Federal Foreign Office is providing information on whether you need a visa or not.

Important Questions:

There are three main tariff types when it comes to travel health insurances: Family tariffs, partner tariffs and single tariffs.

Family tariffs are all about including the entire family in just one insurance contract, including two adults and their children (which should not be older than 25 years). This model is the cheapest and easiest way to get an insurance for families, because you have one contract and only one contact person in the case of damage for all family members. This contract type is mostly booked by families before their holiday trip.

The partner tariff includes 2 adults and is the cheapest option for two adults travelling together. It is suitable for partners because in case of damage or other issues, there is just one phone number to call. These tariffs are often booked for holiday trips.

The single tariff does only insure one person. This tariff is used for all travel purposes, including leisure travel, studying abroad, au pairs and business trips. The single tariff is of course the cheapest insurance method since only one person is insured and therefore the insurer’s risks are relatively small.

A travel health insurance in Germany is generally useful for everyone who comes to Germany. Therefore, it is important to find out if your trip to Germany is already insured with your domestic health insurance. It generally applies that insurances from the Schengen area are valid in every country throughout the Schengen area.

Even though they only cover the basic treatments, they are valid in all Schengen countries. And additional insurance is therefore only necessary if you need additional protection or if you come from a country that has not joined the Schengen area.

Prior to departure you should consider how far-reaching your insurance coverage should be. Do you exclusively stay in Germany or do you need global insurance coverage?Moreover, you should think about which components you might want to include in your insurance package.

We would recommend comparing the accounting periods of the insurers in order to match travelling times. In addition, one should look at the maximum duration of your stay and if there are options for extending your contract.

One of the most important points is looking at the date until the booking has to be received. For examples citizens of non-Schengen countries have to book their insurances well before their journey since they need a travel health insurance confirmation for visa applications.

No, some groups should pay particular attention when choosing a policy:

  • Seniors: Most insurance companies are charging higher premiums above a certain age. In some cases there is a maximum age.
  • Pregnant Women: Treatments for complications during pregnancy like premature births should be covered by the insurance. Furthermore, protection and cost coverage for neonates should be included.
  • For chronic diseases: Diseases existing before departure are not covered by travel insurances.
  • Athletes: Some providers exclude the treatment of health problems caused by the participation in competitions.

The benefits of Travel Health Insurances

The benefits of travel health insurances are made for all medical emergencies in other countries. When it comes to preventive medical check-ups or psychotherapy, most insurances do usually not cover such costs. However, there are special insurances for a longer stay in Germany, which might include more services.

Most Travel Health Insurances usually cover:

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatments including diagnostics, operations and catering
  • Pain-relieving dental treatments including simple fillings and the repair of dentures
  • Prescribed medication, bandages, medicine and medical aids
  • Transport to the nearest doctor or hospital
  • Medically necessary repatriation to the home country
  • In case of death either transfer to the come country or burial in Germany

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Travel Health Insurances in a nutshell

  • On 1st April 2007, Germany introduced legislation for a compulsory health insurance for everyone in Germany
  • Foreign nations from countries outside the Schengen area need a visa and a residence permission to live in / enter Germany
  • A comprehensive and suitable protection for individual travels to Germany is very important in order to protect yourself against cost exposure and high risks
  • Everyone can find the right insurance coverage for their stay in Germany with

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