Travel Accident Insurance for foreigners

Many people are unaware of how fast they can be involved in an accident while they are on holiday. The sun is shines and makes you want to move or simply try out new sports. A little carelessness here or a wrong move may already have serious consequences. You should not rely on existing public insurances to include care after such accidents, because they only include accidents during your work time and not during leisure time. Get an insurance in advance of your holidays to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and without worrying about financial claims after accidents.

A Travel Accident Insurance should be taken out by all foreigners travelling to Germany, not having a domestic accident insurance already. This is even more important when sporting activities are planned during your stay in Germany. While sports such as rafting, skiing or surfing make lot of fun, they also involve an element of risk. If an accident does happen, not only will your holidays end abruptly, immense financial losses might also result from possible salvage costs or not being able to work anymore.

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Benefits of Travel Accident Insurances

  • Insurance coverage for all holiday purposes in Germany
  • Around the clock coverage, twenty-four-seven service
  • Regardless of whether you or somebody else is responsible for the accident, you have insurance coverage
  • Worldwide coverage for individuals and all tourists
  • For a Maximum of 56 Days, from beginning to the end of your journey


The benefits of Travel Accident Insurances

The insurance consists of these three main insurance areas:

  • Invalidity/ disability benefits
  • Payments after death
  • Salvage cost coverage

The payments of Travel Accident Insurances

Covomo recommends the online comparison of tariffs and insurance companies so that you can find the right coverage for your individual stay in Germany. It is worth noting that the cheapest insurance is not equal to the best, let alone the fitting coverage for your stay. It is therefore important to pay attention to the coverage of your contract, especially if Germany is explicitly named in your contract. These are the payments you can expect:

The amount of disability benefits differ from differ from contract to contract. As a rule of thumb, insurances offer between 30.000 and 60.000 Euros if an accident results in the permanent impairment of physical or mental health. The factor deciding the payment amount is always the degree of disability. For example, the loss of an arm results in a payment of 70% of the insurance sum.

The payments after death are used to insure the relatives of the insured person. The benefits are mostly paid one year after the accident. Most insurers offer death benefits around 8000-12000 Euros.

If due to an accident a salvage is required, the Travel Accident Insurance covers search, rescue and salvaging work. Furthermore, the insurer does also cover costs for the transportation to the nearest hospital. If a repatriation to the home country is medically required, the accident insurance would also cover the costs for this. Part of this would also be the coverage of repatriation costs after death.

Travel Accident

Important Questions:

There are two different tariff types under which you can choose from: the family tariff and the single tariff.

The family tariff offers insurance coverage for the entire family in just one Travel Accident Insurance policy. This includes a maximum of two adults and their children up to the age of 25. This option is the cheapest and easiest for families, because there is one contract only and one contact person to call in cause of damages or other issues for the entire family. Family tariffs are mostly used for insuring families in their holidays.

The single tariff does only insure one individual person. It therefore addresses all target groups, for example leisure travel, studying in Germany, au pair or business trips.  This is of course the cheapest option for an individual person since the contracts only cover costs for one person.

For self-employed workers and freelancers a Travel Accident Insurance is also of great importance. A lot of accidents require hospitalisation after they happen. A Travel Accident Insurance might help you with the resulting loss of income during your hospital stay. If you are traveling with a hired car in Germany, you should also think about a travel accident insurance. A lot of rental companies offer a corresponding insurance, but the premiums for those will be considerably higher than with other insurance companies.

Before taking out a Travel Accident Insurance we recommend having a look at several insurance companies and test winners by comparing them. The cheapest option is not always the best option and might even be completely unfitting for your individual stay in Germany.

Moreover, you should taking out other types of insurances too. Some of them might be necessary for your stay in Germany and others might just give you more safety during your time in Germany.

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Travel Accident Insurances in a nutshell

  • Check if Germany is included in your domestic accident insurance
  • Coverage for unforeseen accidents, also if they were self-inflicted
  • A good and suitable protection against high cost exposure and financial ruin
  • com can help you finding the right insurance coverage for your stay in Germany

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