Travel Insurances for Vacation Trips to Germany

As a travel destination, Germany is becoming increasingly popular with 60.3 million overnight stays by foreign guests between the North Sea and the Alps. (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus DZT)

Sights for Germany vacationers apart from the cultural and historical attractions are sophisticated concert series, art exhibitions and theatrical productions, or maybe the big sporting events on an international level, the street parties and atmospheric Christmas markets, just to name a few highlights. Germans like celebrating and do so a lot. Some popular festivals such as the Oktoberfest in Munich or the Christopher Street Day in Cologne have long become synonymous with good humour and the cosmopolitan atmosphere in Germany.

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Benefits of Travel Insurances

  • In case of illness or accident: Organisation of immediate help
  • Coverage of costs for medical treatments and medically advisable repatriation to the home country
  • First aid in emergencies around the clock
  • Salvage and hospital costs
  • Replacement of baggage

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Why do I need a travel insurance for my vacation in Germany?

On 01 April, 2007 Germany has introduced a mandatory insurance coverage for everybody inside Germany. This means that everyone who wants to stay in Germany must have a health insurance policy. Citizens of the Schengen States are protected in Germany via the European Health Insurance Card. Those arriving from a country that is not part of the Schengen Agreement, have to get a private health insurance before their arrival in Germany. If foreigners from non-Schengen countries travel to Germany, they must give proof of a health insurance coverage in their visa application. The Federal Foreign Office provides information on this issue, including a list with of non-Schengen countries.

The Most Important Questions:

For a trip to Germany, it is inevitable to take out a travel health insurance, since they are compulsory since 2007. Moreover, it is advisable to take out travel cancellation insurances, liability and baggage insurances.

There are three major risk factors, you should look at before your trip abroad:

  • costs occurring due to illness (for example a doctor or hospital visit)
  • costs which result from a liability (for example the loss of a key or damage in a rented apartment)

Of course, most people do not want to think about such circumstances, but they happen regulary: at any time accidents can happen, they might cause a wound that needs care or even a disease that needs to be treated. Without proper protection that would be a huge cost factor for you, since German Doctors and hospital stays are very expensive.

The travel health insurance is the most important insurance for your long-awaited holiday. It is the best time of the year, where you can forget the otherwise so familiar everyday life and completely unwind. However, since planning the Trip is not only time consuming, but the journey also costs a lot of money, it’s more than annoying when you cannot start your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances. A cancellation insurance will not take away the disappointment over the non-held holiday but it protects you from high travel cancellation costs.

Taking out a travel cancellation insurance is recommendable because if you have an accident while traveling or become seriously ill, you must either cancel your trip or you have to delay the return journey to a later date. The travel interruption insurance protects you against the financial consequences, even if you want to end the journey due to severe illness or death of a close relative.

Whether a baggage insurance is worth taking out depends on the individual case. If you want to travel with expensive devices like laptops, cameras or smartphones, you should consider a baggage insurance. It is important to note that only a limited sums is insured for such devices.

Foreign visitors need a comprehensive travel insurance for their holiday in Germany. Covomo therefore recommends to not only compare prices, but also the benefits of an insurance. This will help to find the right insurance coverage for your vacation, since the benefits of the insurances as well as the prices vary widely.

If you want to play it safe you should opt for a so-called all-round carefree package. This does not only offer a travel health insurance, it also includes a cancellation, interruption and baggage insurance. For most providers, the desired components can be added and deleted with a modular system individually according to your own needs. Moreover, booking a complete package in most cases is much cheaper. In addition to that the insurance coverage of the all-round carefree package offers even more advantages. In case of damage, the policyholder has only one partner, who is usually available around the clock on an emergency call service. This insurance package would also help with the loss of cash and travel documents.

In order to apply for a visa in Germany, a health insurance has be taken out before leaving your home country. This is especially important for tourists coming from non-Schengen countries. It is possible to take out a domestic health insurance from an insurance company in your home country (since you need one to get your visa) and after arriving in Germany, you can change your insurance with a German health insurance if you want to stay for a longer period.

We would therefore recommend getting a Travel Health Insurance in your home country before applying for you visa, because looking for a German health insurance after your arrival might be troublesome and time consuming.  Covomo will help you finding the right insurances that are best for your needs and circumstances, which is especially helpful for students.

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Important Travel Insurances for Tourists

In order to enjoy your stay carefree, your health protection should be extensive. This includes in any case, a 100 percent reimbursement for outpatient and inpatient treatment, prescribed medicines, medical aids and pain-relieving dental treatments.

The repatriation is another important factor that, the cost of repatriation should be covered if repatriation to the home country appears to be medically useful.

Should the policyholder die in Germany, the travel health insurance covers either transfer costs to the home country or burial in Germany. For this purpose, at least 10,000 euros should be insured.

The cancellation insurance makes sense on every vacation, since holidays are never predictable, something unexpected might happen. You might get sick before starting your journey or simple have an important reason to stay at home. This is where the cancellation insurance comes into life. It insures unexpected travel cancellations and helps with covering the costs for those.

For millions of people holidays are one of the best times of the year.

You can escape from everyday life and worrying about anything and simply enjoy the beautiful holiday season. But what if the holiday has to be interrupted for health reasons or other problems of a close relative? In this case, the travel interruption insurance provides financial protection for the additional costs.

It must be noted that the cheapest option is not always the best, we recommend comparing insurances online and looking at prices and benefits.

We recommend baggage insurances, not only for business, but for any traveller who wants to feel secure in the event that baggage is damaged or destroyed or in some way even completely lost. For this reason, the baggage insurance is most suitable for those who are traveling with valuable electronic devices such as laptop, mobile phone or jewelery.

But it is important to note that coverage for valuable objects is limited, sums differ greatly between insurance companies. An insurance comparison helps to find the right insurance coverage for the upcoming trip for every individual case. Comparing online test results can be very important since the cheapest insurance does not necessarily to every individual case.

Tourist Insurances in a nutshell

  • In April 2007 Germany introduced legislation demanding health insurances from everyone inside the country
  • Tourists from countries that do not belong to the Schengen Agreement need a visa and a residence permit to study in Germany
  • Tourists need a comprehensive protection to protect themselves against high costs
  • will help all tourists with finding the right insurance coverage

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