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Many young people spend time travelling around the world or working as an au pair in different countries before starting to work or applying for higher education. Anglophone countries such as Australia or the USA are still among the most popular countries for au pairs. However, Germany and other foreign-language countries are getting more and more popular.

Working abroad does not only help to improve language skills, it also enables au pairs to get to know different cultures. If you want to keep your time abroad in good memory, it is important to think about topics such as travel insurances beforehand. The travel insurance coverage for health issues is most important. A worldwide coverage should also be included since au pairs usually join their host families on vacations. Some insurance companies also offer special contracts for au pairs that include accident, baggage and liability insurances. If you want to minimise your risk to zero you should consider getting a complete package insurance that includes the most important travel insurances. These will offer you complete security and might also be cheaper than booking insurances separately.

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Benefits of Travel Insurances

  1. In case of illness or accident: Organisation of immediate help
  2. Coverage of costs for medical treatments and medically reasonable return transports
  3. Direct help in emergency situations around the world and round the clock
  4. Salvage costs and hospital visit costs
  5. Compensation for lost or broken baggage

Au-pairs in Germany - more information

What kind of insurances do au pairs in Germany need?

On 1st April 2007 Germany introduced a law demanding compulsory health insurance for everyone inside the country. This does of course also include au pairs from around the world. If you are a citizen of the European Union or a Schengen Country you are automatically insured via your European Health Insurance Card. With this card you have free access to the German public health care system. You get the same treatments and services that all Germans get. But this only works for European Union citizens.

If you hold citizenship from countries outside the European Union you have to get your own private travel insurance in order to access public health care without being exposed to high costs.  You have to get a travel insurance to apply for visas eventually, since they are required for all visas. More information can be found on THIS website of the German Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

The Most Important Questions:

Before starting your journey, there are three cost factors you have to look at.

  • Costs that are related to an illness during your trip (e.g. GP consultation, hospitalisation)
  • Costs that arise from third party liabilities (e.g. damaging of a rented flat, lost keys etc)
  • Costs that result from an accident and are not covered by any other health insurance (e.g. salvage costs)

Even if one does not want to think about such issues, an accident, sickness or other casualties might still happen. The costs that result from such events can be very high and thus need the right insurance coverage.

We would recommend taking out a travel accident insurance. This insurance helps you to get financial and direct support after a serious accident. It enables you to focus on your au pair time and not think about what might happen after an accident.

Since au pairs usually live in the properties of their German host families, a travel liability insurance should also be considered. This insurance would for example cover the costs if you accidently break an expensive vase or lose the front door keys.

Before taking out a travel liability insurance you should check if you are already insured via the private liability insurance of your parents. The terms and conditions have to be carefully checked though, since some insurances exclude cases of damage that occurred in other countries.If taking out a travel liability insurance is worth the trouble depends on the circumstances.

On the assumption that you will bring your laptop, camera or smartphone with you, a baggage insurance seems reasonable, too. But it is important to consider that such insurances have maximum payment rates on several items.

Au pairs need a comprehensive travel insurance for their stay in Germany. Covomo recommends to not only compare the prices of insurances, but also the insurance benefits. The insurance benefits and prices vary from product to product and hence have to be compared in order to guarantee an appropriate insurance coverage.

If you want to play it safe, an all-round carefree package might be the best option. These tariffs offer a Travel liability insurance, an accident insurance and a baggage insurance among the main component health insurance. A lot of insurance companies offer add-on systems, where it is possible to add and remove travel insurances to your carefree package. In most cases, these packages are cheaper than booking insurances separately.

But a complete insurance coverage is not the only advantage of a carefree package. In the event of damage the insurance holder has one contact person only, no matter which insurance is affected. Most insurers also provide an emergency-call-service, which runs twenty-four-seven. This call-service can be used for getting help after losing a credit card and passport or if a return transport back to your home country is needed.

In order to get a visa for Germany, a health insurance has be taken out before leaving your home country. This is especially important for au pairs coming from non-Schengen countries. But due to some insurers asking for a permanent address in the country where you are travelling to, non-Schengen citizens might not be able to get a German insurance before arriving. It is possible to take out an insurance from an insurer in your home country (since you need one to get your visa) and after arriving in Germany changing your insurance with a German health insurance.

We would recommend getting a travel health insurance in your home country before applying for your visa, because looking for a German health insurance after your arrival might be troublesome and time consuming.  This site will help you finding the right insurances that are best for your needs and circumstances.

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Au Pair Insurance

Important Travel Insurances for Au Pairs

You should consider taking out a comprehensive, all-including health insurance in order to enjoy your au pair time. This does usually include 100% cost coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment or surgery, prescribed medicine and medical aids as well as pain-relieving dental treatment.

The repatriation back to your home country is an important component of the health insurance, since it covers return transport costs if a return transport is medically reasonable.

If the insurance holder dies while being in Germany, the insurance should either pay for the transportation to the home country or the funeral costs in Germany. The cost coverage for this purpose should be 10.000 € or higher.

The travel liability insurance covers physical injury and property damage, which the insurance holder inflicts upon others. Furthermore, most insurers also cover resulting financial losses of others. Liability insurances also include passive legal protection and if the claims against you are not reasonable, the insurer will also take care of defending you judicially.

Sufficient cost coverage, an emergency-call-service and the coverage of damage to rented properties should all be included in a travel liability insurance.

Comparing different insurances and not only looking for the cheapest one, but also the insurance offering the best service, should be done well before starting your journey. The market for insurances is very competitive and there a lot of tariffs, differing in price and performance, comparing them will pay off. Moreover, before taking out your own insurance, you should check if your parents’ insurance does also cover your au pair time in Germany. Your stay might be included, depending on the policy details of your parents’ liability insurance.

An Accident Insurance is very import during your au pair time. A lot of au pairs underestimate the value of such an insurance, since hurting yourself or getting involved in accident can happen very quickly. Of course there is the travel health insurance that would pay for your medical treatments or hospitalisation. But if your accident creates salvage costs or if you suffer from a permanent injury after your accident, the only insurance that will give you support is the travel accident insurance.

The most important part of this insurance, which should hence be checked before taking out one, is the lump-sum payment in the event of disability (the higher the better). In addition, payments in the case of death and accident annuities are also worth looking at. With these components included in your insurance policy, you can carelessly enjoy your au pair time in Germany.

A baggage insurance is not only worth taking out for business travels, they should be considered by every traveller. If your baggage is damaged, completely destroyed or simply lost, this insurance will cover the costs. This is why a baggage insurance is worth taking out for every person travelling with expensive electrical devices or jewellery. It is important to notice that you will not get your money back for very expensive goods, since there are upper limits for all goods. If you are travelling with expensive goods, you should definitely compare different insurance policies in order to find out if your baggage is fully insured with the insurance you choose. The cheapest insurance might not always be the best option because some items in your baggage might expand the upper limits of cheaper insurances.

Au Pair Insurances in a nutshell

  • On 1st April 2007 Germany introduced a law demanding compulsory health insurance for everyone inside the country
  • Citizens from non-Schengen countries need a visa before starting their au pair time in Germany
  • Au pairs need comprehensive insurances in order to minimize their risks and cost exposure
  • Every au pair will find the best insurance for their needs at

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