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Mother walking with her two kids along a tropical beach

Cheap rates for all holiday periods and target areas for singles and families.


Long Term Travel

Young backpack couple with hiking poles beautiful panoramic view countryside

Ensure optimal coverage for all travels from one year up to five years.




Special rates for au-pairs who want to go abroad.


Students & Pupils

Graduation group

Special rates for studies and training courses abroad. Even for groups!


Business Travels


Business travels to all countries: Even for longer periods.


Emigrants & Expats

Versicherungen für Auswanderer und Expats

Long-term rates for expats and workers abroad for up to 5 years for all countries around the world


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Here is what our customers say:

“Since I often work abroad, I am glad that I can get the best travel insurance for my stays from covomo.”
Till Heimlich
“Thank you Covomo. I am relieved and happy to go on vacation with my two kids. Great that it went all so smoothly.”
Lis Hannemann-Strenger
“I found my health insurance for my studies in South Africa through covomo.”
Tobias Gaertner